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Hi welcome to my Website , My name is Michelle, On This page you will find links to my other pages. I have pages about various topics but my most important page is the one with all the links about Domestic Violence, missing,abused, exploited and abandoned children, I hope in some way this page helps to bring those children home and give them the love and understanding they so greatly deserve, and possibly help someone get out of an abusive relationship and become a survivor of Domestic Violence. And now some info about me! Some of my hobbies are making Beaded Jewelry, Reading (I love to read suspense novels), Listening to music...My favorite is classic rock but I also like heavy metal and newcountry (some combo huh!!!!!). I am currently not working due to having Fibromyalgia and back injuries, But my profession was working with the Mentally Ill and Developmentaly Disabled. I love to help people. I Hope you enjoy my little space on the web and I hope to see you in V-Chat sometime You can usually fine me there as SapphireChild but some people know me as AS-Angel-Mikki, you can find the link to download V-Chat on my links page.Please check out the many VERY Important Links I have below and also the links on my links page and PLEASE!!!!! Sign my Guestbok and tell me what you think.
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R.I.P. Dale...This is My page thats dedicated to the Memory of Dale Earnhardt,RIP Big E.

Stop Violence...This is the page i told you about thats dedicated to Domestic Violence victims and missing,abused,exploited,Abandoned children,and a few other important topics.

Links... Here's some of my favorite links and links to ALOT of my friends pages

Holiday Page... This is my holiday and celebrations page it changes when the holidays change and when there are certain celebrations(birthdays,anniversaries)that i want to make a page for so you have to visit it often to see all the new pages!!

Jesus Saves...This is a link to my Jesus Page where you will find links to a few other sites including my Churches website which has alot of resources

My Wedding Album...Some Pictures of my Wedding more will be added in the future!!!

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