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Pat & Michelle's Wedding Pictures

This page is currently under construction i will be adding to it daily.

These are our Wedding Rings.

This is me at home just before going to the church

This is both of us at the church just after the ceremony, we sent this picture out as our thank you.

This is our kiss as we left the church

The Famous Birdseed Throw!!!(sorry i refused to throw rice)

This is both Pat and I dancing with my neice(Flowergirl)Maria.

This is me feeding pat.I was Nice!!

This is Pat feeding me. He Was NOT soo Nice!!!

This is the after effects of us feeding eachother. I guess we need more practice.

This is my sister Tammy and her husband Stephane(Steph).

The Tossing of the boquet. Thats my mom who caught it. well picked it up is more like it since i hit the ceiling

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